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Compendio Batman Miniature Game: de tercera a segunda

 Hola a todos,


A lo largo de estos meses he ido convirtiendo los nuevos traits que han salido para el juego de Batman Miniature Game de tercera a segunda edición. Los podeis encontrar en todas las tarjetas subidas al blog. Pero para facilitar las cosas he decidido recopilarlos en un post que actualizaré periódicamente.


Espero que os sea útil.






Anaplylactic Shock: When this model successfully Hit an enemy model, the targets suffer the Enervating X effect, where X is the number of Hits obtained.

Batman Lives: This model may perform an extra Movement action at the start of its activation if no enemy models have LoS to it (no MC can be used during this Movement). When in contact with a KO enemy model that does not have Affiliation: The Brave & The Bold/Batman, this model may remove it as a Casualty by spending 1SC. In addition, when this model is included in your crew, you can also include a model with Name: William Cobb (ignoring its Affiliation), but if you do you must reduce the maximum number of Free Agents in your crew by 1.

Bat-Signal (2SC): One use only. This model can use this trait to place a friendly model (not KO or Knocked Down) with Alias: Batman in contact with itself. Until the end of that round, this model is considered Illuminated.

Biting:  Enemy models that, in any time during their activation, are within 6” of this model, suffer Enervating (1).

Conundrum Champion (1SC): Target a model within 8” and line of sight. The target must perform a Willpower roll or suffers the Enervating 2 effect.

Dark Influence:  This model may only be placed in play by the Freed rule, or when recruited into a The Batman Who Laughs Team.

Detonate (2SC) At the end of D5 pregame sequence deploy 6 bomb markers (30mm) at least 2” away from other markers. Once per round if this miniature is within 16“ of a Bomb marker it can be “denotated”. Place an Explosive template centered on it, roll a Strength 2+ die against each model affected. In a success models suffers (Blood Blood) damage. Remove the Bomb marker. This action doesn’t count as an attack action.

Disposable Minions (2SC, passive): If this model is hit by an enemy attack (any type), it can choose a friendly model with the He Freed Me trait within 4” and LoS to receive the attack instead.

Duo (X): When this model is included in a crew that also contains the model names in parentheses, one of them ignores its Rank for the purposes of crew configuration.

Emotion Control: At the start of this model’s activation, choose one of the following effects. Until the end of the round, this rule affects all enemy models while they are within 8” of this model.

1. Love: Affected models deal 1 less total damage with attacks and traits (the model suffering thedamage chooses the type).

2. Fear: Affected models suffer -1 to their Attack and Defense dice rolls.

3. Anger: Affected models suffer 1 additional damage with attacks and traits (the model inflicting the damage chooses the type).

4. Sadness: Affected models suffer +1 to their Willpower, Agility and Endurance Rolls.

Evidence Tampering: If this model controls an enemy objective marker during the recount phase it scores 1 additional VP as long as this objective marker is not placed inside of your deployment zone.

Falconry (1SC): Until the end of the round, this model can perform ranged attacks against enemy models within 16”, ignoring cover and LoS.

Gang Lord: When this model is your crew’s Boss, friendly models with the Gangster trait may suffer Enervating +X when performing a Move (up to a maximum total value of Enervating 3). For every point of Enervating they suffer voluntarily, they add +2” to their basic movement distance that activation.

Gangsters: For every 2 models with this trait in your crew at the start of the game, gain 1 Blood Money counter. During the activation of a friendly model with the Gangsters trait, you may spend 1 Blood Money counter to gain the following rules until the end of that activation:

• The model may move and make a ranged attack  with -1 ROF, but suffers -1 to hit.

• The model’s ranged weapons gain the Light rule.

• When this model performs an Attack action, pick another friendly model with the Gangsters trait immediately, and place it up to 4” from its original position.

Green Web (2SC): Target friendly model with the Plant trait within 8” of this model can gain up to 4 AC and can perform an “Attack Action” immediately. This trait can be used once per round.

Hacking Objectives (3SC): This model may move up to 2 Objectives Markers within 8” up to 4”. Objectives Markers cannot be placed on scenery elements except markers that can be deployed on them during D2 pregame sequence.

Haughty: When this model performs an Attack against a model with a lower Reputation cost than its own, it must first lose 1 AC.

He Freed Me: This model can only be recruited if the crew also includes The Batman Who Laughs model.

Horde: This model can be recruited up to four times in a crew, regardless of its Name.

Intel Support: This model cannot be the target of an attack, and does not suffer effects or damage inflicted by traits. When an enemy model controls one of your Objectives Markers, this models takes 1 Blood damage. When this model would be removed as a Casualty, remove all the damage from its character card and remove the model from the gaming area. In any subsequent Raise the Plan phase, you can return this model to play, placing it anywhere within your deployment zone. This model only grants VP point for casualty once per game.

Kite: While performing a Move action, this model increases the maximum distance it can move by 2” for each Marker (objective, sewer or lampost) within 4” (measured once at any point during the Move). In addition, this model can move in any direction (including vertically) over obstacles and Difficult Ground without extra cost or penalty.

Lazarus Pit Owner: Once per turn, this character can manipulate Lazarus Pit Objective wihout spending MC. The Willpower Roll is passed automaticallly.

Meow: After D5 pre-game sequence this model may place 3 Cat Markers anywhere on the Board Game, at least 2” away from another markers. If this model starts its activation within 6” of a Cat Maker, this model can be placed in contact with that marker before removing it.

In addition, if this model is is hit by an attack, you may place this model in contact with a friendly Cat marker within 6“, and ignore that attack. Then, remove that Cat marker.

Pollination: If this model controls an objective within a friendly plant “action zone”, it scores 1 additional VP.

Rapid Reload (2SC): This model count as having reloaded its weapons with Reload.

Season Criminal: At the end of every round, check the total Victory Points scored by all players. For every full 12 VP scored, Calendar Man gains one of the following benefits, advancing one step on the list for each 12 VP scored.

Shockwave (1SC): Enemy models within 4” of this model loose 1MC.

Slow Digestion: After resolving a Devour attack that inflicts damage, remove the target from the gaming area. That model is ‘Devoured’. A Devoured model may still be activated each round, but can only take an Endurance roll. If it is successful, place the Devoured model within 2” of this model and continue its activation. If the Endurance roll fails, the Devoured model suffers Blood Blood damage. This model can only remove one enemy from the game in this way at the same time. If this model becomes a Casualty, place any model it Devoured within 2” before removing this model. If a model is still Devoured when the game ends, it is considered a Casualty.

Soul Voices (2SC): Until the end of the round this model can reroll failed block rolls. In addition, this model adds 2 dices to its next Close Combat Attack during this round (at least 1AC has to be spent).

Special Volume: This model uses a base of 60mm but has same volume height and rules as a model on a 30 mm base. Also, this model gains +2“ to its basic movement distance.

Special Volume S: This model uses a base of 40mm but has the same volume height and rules as a model on a 30mm base. Also, this model gains +1” to its basic movement distance.

Stealthy Cats (1SC): Once per round. Move each friendly Cat marker in play up to 4”.

Street Fighter: When this model performs a close combat attack to another model without the Street Fighter or Street Guy trait, it can add 1 dice to the attack roll (at least 1AC has to be spent). In addition, when this model is defending from another model without the Street Fighter or Street Guy trait, it can add 1 dice to the defense roll (at least 1AC has to be spent).

The Crew (1SC): All friendly models with this model´s Afffiliation within 8” in LoS with this model gain 1 free MC. This MC may take the number of Asignated Action Counters above the normal maximum. A model can use this trait only once per turn.

The Target of the Bat: If a model with name Bruce Wayne KO´s this model, the Bruce Wayne model´s controlling player scores 2 additional VPs.

The Time Has Come: One use per game. During this activation, this model disarmed melee attacks inflicts (Stun Stun) for each successful hit.

Time Bomb (1SC): Once per round, place a 30 mm Bomb Marker within 8” and LoS. At the end of the round place an Explosive template centered on that marker, all models affected suffer damage (Blood Stun). This damage cannot be dodged or avoided by other means.

Time Control (2SC): At the end of this model’s activation, nominate any enemy model in line of sight that is yet to activate this round. That model must be the next to activate and cannot use MC during this round. The opponent can’t use a Pass to ignore this rule. A model can use this trait once per round.

Time Manipulation: When this model controls an Objective, this model and another friendly model  may Raise their Plan after all opposing player models have done so. This rule cannot be cancelled by Scheming trait.

Underestimated: Your opponent cannot score VP for making this model KO or Casualty.

Vocational: This model may be included in a crew as if it had the affiliation “The Brave & The Bold”, as long as all members of the crew have the Cop trait.






High Caliber*: This weapon gains Accurate and Anti-Tank Special rules.

Small Caliber*: Ranged Attacks with this weapon suffer a +1 penalty to their Ping! Rolls.

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